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Acquiring the materials to build a woodstip/epoxy craft can be a challenging process.

Bear Mountain offers the best materials conveniently shipped to your door. We use the same professional, precise materials to build boats in our workshop as we provide to our clients. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to ensure that each customer will end up with a boat to be proud of.

Why are our prices higher than other companies?

We provide a higher quality product – we do not buy low grade cedar which is cut and bundled hastily. All our strips are full length and carefully handled. Our fiberglass cloth comes from a reputable manufacturer not an offshore producer with no standards. We use West® System epoxy because we know it is safe and easy for a first time builders to achieve good results. We could sell a cheaper epoxy with higher profit margins but we sell what we use and trust. Like anything else in life you get what you pay for….there is no point in spending hours building a boat with cheap materials. We want you to be proud of your boat.

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Prices for Shipping a Complete Kit

Kits must be shipped via commercial transport truck due the full length bundle of strips we provide.

NOTE – shipping companies charge based on a minimum of 100 lbs. For this reason if you purchase one piece such as the gunnels or an entire kit the shipping cost will remain the same. It will not likely to feasible to ship one set of accent planks or one pair of gunnels as it will cost the same as shipping an entire kit.

Seats and other small items can be shipped via UPS or the postal service and would not be affected by this length restriction.





(some exceptions may apply)




Our wooden components are supplied by Ron Frenette of Canadian Canoes. Ron, a retired outdoor educator, has been helping people build and paddle canoes and kayaks for over 30 years. Be sure to check Ron’s web site which contains an extensive photo gallery of canoes and kayaks being built.

We purchase 22 ft long old growth western red cedar logs from a mill on the west coast of Canada – wood of this quality is becoming very hard to find and is expensive – but it is worth it and we are happy that this Canadian resource is being used to build boats that will survive for generations of paddlers.

Ron organizes the milling of the strips so that the result is a collection of strips with accurate bead and cove edges, keeping all the strips from each board together in the order that they were cut. This will give you control over what your hull will look like when you plank it.

People wonder why our prices are higher than other companies. This is due to the fact that we offer the highest quality planking available anywhere and our strips are all full length. Other companies use cheaper grades of cedar and do not bother to handle the long lengths. Since they do not build boats do not understand the difference between our product and theirs.  They might save you a few dollars but you will not be as satisfied at the end of the day.

We also strive to provide technical support either over the phone or via email. Builders can also log onto our builders forum to chat with others. Glen Smith, a wonderful volunteer from Baie St. Paul, Quebec maintains the Bear Mountain Builders Forum. Without Glen we would not be able to offer this important service free of charge to the boat building community. THANKS Glen!