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What goes into our canoe plans

Example of a Bear Mountain Boats planTake advantage of forty years of wooden boat building experience by creating your own canoe, kayak or small boat with plans from Bear Mountain Boats. We  provide you with a professional package of plans faired by renowned Canadian yacht builder Steve Killing, and tested in the Bear Mountain workshop, and the workshops of countless satisfied customers around the world. These easy to follow plans will save you close to twenty hours of drawing time.

Choosing plans from Bear Mountain Boats will also gain you the support of the Bear Mountain staff throughout the entire building process, including the expertise of craftsman and co-owner Ted Moores.

You will also have the support of the community of past Bear Mountain boat customers through our online builder’s forum. This is a great interactive resource to help you with everything from design selection to troubleshooting.

Ted also hosts several boat building workshops in Peterborough, Ontario, each year for those looking for hands on instruction.

Another great option if you are new to wooden boat building or are looking for a head start on your next boat is a Bear Mountain complete boat kit. We pre-cut all necessary materials, and ship these along with an epoxy package right to your workshop.

Past customers agree that “anyone can build a Bear Mountain boat” and our step by step plans are so easy to follow that you might find that the hardest part of the project is choosing between over two dozen design options.

Why are the plans presented as half lines?

The problem we are dealing with is the instability of paper. We have seen plans on common paper grow 1/8″ across 12″ in one week in a humid environment. You can imagine the amount of work needed to fair a mould cut from individual pieces of paper that have all adjusted to different sizes. We address this problem in a number of ways.

Our plans are printed on a high quality drafting paper with a high rag content. The stability of this expensive paper is far superior to copy paper but there is still the possibility of some change. Working from plans that are on one sheet means that if there is any change, it happens to all the stations equally and they stay in proportion. Tracing one side of the mould and flopping it on the centreline insurers that the hull will always be symmetrical. Also note that the plans are shipped in a sealed plastic tube – the plans are sealed in the tube immediately after printing so we can be sure they arrive at 100%.

While this may sound like a lot of work just to get the shape of your mould, controlling the shape at this stage is more than compensated for by what could have to be done later. Builders know that trying to fair a mould with inaccurate stations is a confusing and endless job – it is hard to know if you should add on to one station or cut the next down and how much.