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Geometric Pattern Kit


These designs were inspired by the art work of America's southwest Navajo people; the patterns just seemed to fit in with our various watercraft.

The kit consists of 32 pieces all with matching angles and bundled and labelled row-by-row.

Builders who select this design feature will spend time looking at the bundles of full length strips to ensure that the design is ENHANCED by the colour(s) of the surrounding wood.

We set aside bundles of the very darkest heartwood cedar strips which have a consistent colour from end-to-end; from these we cut 12 pieces (30" long) to make up the core of the design. Generally, the pattern pieces are assembled in place - row by row. 

However, if you are building staple free, you would need to have a long (16'-18') flat plank as a working surface and pre-assemble the 8 strips (4 per side) and VERY CAREFULLY bring each strip to the molds.

This item requires custom shipping due to length. The freight will be calculated and charged separately pending your approval and prior to shipping.

Picture Descriptions
1) Inside view of pattern on a rowboat
2) Pattern on a True North kayak
3) Pattern on an Endeavour kayak
4) Pattern on a 17' Nomad

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