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Short Thwarts


The short thwarts A.K.A. lift handles are mounted below the inwale about 5 inches behind the deck (assuming a deck uo 12" long). They are mounted with a pair of 2" brass carriage bolts.

They are best used to tie one's canoe to the roof of a vehicle particularly if the attachment system is one of the "Y" shaped web strap systems. Of course, they work well for two people to carry a canoe across a short distance.

We know of several ladies who have small, clear day bags (hat, sunscreen, tissues, car keys, lip balm ....) which they snap onto the short thwart for ease of access and security.

These pieces need to be shaped (spoke shave and sand paper) to have a comfortable fit in the hand).

Available in ash or cherry. Package includes 2 lift handles + 4 bolts

Picture Descriptions
1) Short thwart being installed
2) Pile of lift handle blanks
3) Lift handle installed

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