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Canoe Seats - Hand Caned


The seat frames are made of Ontario hardwoods (white ash or black cherry) with mortice and tenon joinery.

The weaving, in traditional Double Diamond pattern, is done by hand. The frames have one coat of varnish applied; you will need to add 2-3 more once they are installed but NO VARNISH on the underside of the cane.

Seat suspension "bridges" are available (check the images to see how these are involved) add $ 36.00 for the 4.

Attaching of the seats to the inner gunwales is done with 5" stainless steel machine screws (flat head) which are counter bored into the gunwale. Then a wood plug (3/8") is inserted to cover the screw head.

This leaves a smooth surface in those areas where your skin passes by with each paddle stroke.

The 8 machine screws ARE included in the price of the seats.

Photo Descriptions
1) The canoe seat
2) Seat frames with a 'hank' of cane
3) Underside of seat
4) Selection of hand caned seats
5&6) Seat bridges with hardware
7) Installing a bow seat





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