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A Tribute to the Loyal Shop Dog

As of winter 2022, virtually everyone on earth can agree the past couple of years have been rough. At Bear Mountain we've been fortunate to be able to to continue supplying builders, and we're glad to have helped people pour their creativity into a project rather than spending more time stuck in a vicious news cycle. Sometimes, though, there's no substitute for a quiet moment with a good dog—and so we've put together a little gallery featuring two of our favourite things.

The idea occurred to us when we considered Ted's bond with Rosie, a Portuguese water dog. Together they've settled into a comforting routine, starting the morning with a coffee and watching for the deer that parade down the street about 6AM. Afterward she often joins him at the shop, and so we asked other builders whether anyone had a similar ritual. The answer was an emphatic yes: for days after making the post on Facebook and Instagram, people sent us small tributes to the pets that give them companionship and comfort while they're hanging around in the shop.

It was a fun and sweet-natured addition to the week, so we thought we'd share with this gallery of shop dogs (and one shop cat). Without further ado, here's to the soothing, reliable presences of our animal friends.

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