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Over the years we've created a lot of videos and collaborated with some of our favorite canoe builders, including Nick Offerman and Ron Frenette, to help you build your dream boat. We've compiled our best ones here so it's always easy for you to find them when you need them.

If you're looking for some practical advice on any stage of your canoe build, you can also check out our Canoecraft Workshop Series. The Workshop Series provides a quick visual introduction to the subjects covered in Canoecraft, as well as a few extra tips and tricks from Ted. Watch it on the embedded player below, or view the playlist on YouTube.


How to Build a Strip-plank/Epoxy Canoe

Canoecraft Workshop Series


Why Are Bear Mountain Kits and Materials Better?

Nick Offerman: Creating the Mold Stations

Nick Offerman: Planking

Western Red Cedar Sourcing

Ron Frenette - Canoecraft Conversation Series

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos!

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