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Ordering + Shipping

Shipping costs for complete kits:

Note all have some exceptions depending on location. Please include your address so we can obtain the exact shipping price.

Canada: $200 - $400
Eastern US: ~$350
Western US: ~$400

We cover all brokerage fees for cross-border shipping so there will be no additional charges.

What if I live outside of North America?

Customers outside of Canada + the US must shop from our Canadian website. We ship via air, and costs will be about $600 for a complete kit.  Receiving your kit at the nearest airport is most economical method as local delivery fees can be significant.

When shipping overseas we fold plans rather than roll them. This represents a considerable savings over a using poster tube, and we include a free DVD in the envelope.

How long with my order take to arrive?

We typically ship small orders within 2 business days. Kits are assembled on a custom basis and can take up to 30-60 days. Most carriers estimate 4-5 days for delivery, though please allow some flex time for large orders travelling across the border.

What if I only need some parts such as gunwales or a few planks not the entire kit?

Since our kits contain full-length planks and trim materials, they must be shipped via road transport truck. The long tube containing the planking and gunnels plus smaller parts weighs less than 100 lbs. but charges are based on a minimum of 100 lbs. This means that if you order a set of gunnels or the entire kit, the shipping cost will be the same.

Pick up Options

You can pick up at our location in Westport, ON. A kit in its rigid tube weighs about 60 lb. so transporting on roof racks is not a problem, similar to carrying a canoe.

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