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Mark Whittaker's Prospector: From Inspiration to Launch Day

"If there was a single moment that triggered and opened up the appeal of canoeing (and construction of same) for me, it was watching Bill Mason's face as he took me through the basics in his film for the NFB: Path of the Paddle..."

An African Canoe Story by Graham Haird, Crown Mines, South Africa

"My story starts on the Zambezi River, a wild and untamed place, teeming with hippopotami and crocodiles and forming the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia in Southern Africa..."

Crafting a Canoe from Firewood by Ken Briggs, Whitehorse, YK, Canada

Putting strips on didn’t take that long. It’s an engrossing, exacting and a rather magical process. At first there is one single strip. Then slowly the hull begins to take shape..."

Building Bluebird by Dawne Olson, Vermillion, SD, USA

"I was headed to Algonquin’s Lake Opeongo to canoe when a sudden violent rainstorm forced me to pull over in Peterborough, Ontario.  When the wind and rain subsided I found myself in the parking lot of the Canadian Canoe Museum..."