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My First Canoe by Jackson Larrabee

Posted on February 05 2014

By Jackson Larrabee

I am 17 years old, and LOVE wood and canvas canoes. I attended Camp Wabun, as my father did 25 years before me. He bought two canoes from the camp, and then bought a Grand Lake Stream Canoe. After a few years of going to camp I decided I wanted a canoe. I originally wanted a ABS Old Town. Then I looked on Craigslist and saw this beautiful Chestnut Chum for sale in my used canoe price range. I bought it, and sanded down the old paint, on the original canvas. I then built a new rear deck plate. The interior was left the way I found it. I plan on re-canvasing the canoe in the spring. Since I bought the Chum, I bought two other wood canoes. One being a 16' Chestnut Ogilvy and the other being a rare Kennebec style sailing canoe. My connection with Bear Mountain is the little things. I bought a few of their model kits. I am still on a budget, working off my after school jobs and summer jobs. I would love to build a large scale canoe one day. From my model practice and canoe experience I would assume that the process will not be very difficult, but rather fun. I may not be a full Bear Mountain experienced builder, but I am a young canoe enthusiast, even having to break a few hearts when they came between me and my canoes. I have built a reputation around school for having the more canoes than anyone else wanted.

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