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To Build a Canoe is the Goal, Not to Have One by Maya and Ruedi Fischer, Zurich, Switzerland

Posted on June 01 2014

To Maya and Ruedi Fischer
Gutenswil, Switzerland

As usual in live, different things together create the decisive step to do something. In my case it was my passion to work with wood, the fascination for wooden boats and a motorbike trip during witch i saw a wonderful wooden Canoe, hanging under a roof of a barn. 

At home, i went to internet and started to research into canoes. Thereby i always came upon the name of Ted Moors and the book „canoecraft“. By reading it, the decision grow up to visit one of Ted’s workshop. So i traveled in March 2011 the first time from Switzerland to Canada. 

It was a really highlight to get part of Ted's huge experience and knowledge. The workshop learned me not only the knowledge to build a boat, but also to have patience and to do the things purposeful and with passion. The excellent workshop the very useful book "canoecraft" and the funny DVD from Nick Hartman helped me to finish my project "Ranger 15" together with my wife. We started in Juli 2011 and finished in September 2012 (about 400 hours). It was e very interesting project with ups and downs. The real important thing for me is not to possess a wooden canoe, but to have built one. I really can say, it changed my lifestyle.

We use the canoe most time on little lakes, near the spot, where we are living. It is a pleasure to slide through the water during early morning ours. 

Thanks a lot to Joan and Ted for there support we got whenever we had a problem!

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