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Adding Accent Strips, Building Stapleless, and Other Tips from David Parker

You may have seen David Parker's paper canoe project if you've visited our blog before - in spring of 2020 David built himself a functioning fibreglass/papier mâche canoe, using a copy of Canoecraft to line the interior of the hull.

We were impressed by his creativity and attention to detail then, and just a few months later we're happy to share more from his workshop. David compiled 10 months of building a cedarstrip Freedom 15 into one accessible video that clearly demonstrates a few key concepts.

If you've wondered how builders incorporate chevrons and other accents into the hull, David's method gets great results and is easy to follow from the method. Likewise his stapleless technique, which is shown here in a way that may be easier to follow than a written description alone.

You can watch the full 21-minute video below. Congratulations and thanks again to David Parker for sharing his work!

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