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An Interview with Ron Frenette - Canoecraft Conversation Series

 After finishing the Canoecraft Workshop Series we realized we liked making videos, but our how-to quota was met for the time being. Coincidentally, our partner Ron Frenette of Canadian Canoes was at the workshop that day, so we asked him if he might sit down for a chat about his role in the business.

Ron was both obliging and well-spoken, and the first entry in the Canoecraft Conversation Series was born. While we won't release interview videos on a weekly schedule, we do intend to speak with fellow builders and people who have a role at Bear Mountain Boats to give some insight into what goes into the business. We're also curious what draws people to this trade, and how they personally approach boat building.

Ron was a great place to start, because he's been involved for a long time and had some excellent photos to share from the early days. You can watch the video in the embedded player above, or find it on Youtube here.