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Andrew Cottingham's Prospector Ranger

Posted on August 07 2015


Our customer Andrew Cottingham recently completed his Prospector Ranger canoe, and passed along this note:

"Dear Ted and Joan,

I just want to send my utmost thanks to you two for all of the things you have done to make my canoe build possible. The book, the dvd, the blueprints, all the bells and whistles and most importantly the phone help. Ted I've spoken to you a couple times, but Joan you seemed to always be there when I called and had a quick question and it meant a lot.

Many people have asked me how I know how or learned how to build a canoe and all I could say to them was 'Basic carpentry knowledge and a good book. But seriously... the book I had was REALLY good.'

Here's a couple shots of SEADOGGIE I took last week, as well as a link to a video my friend made to document a bit of the woodworking process.

Thanks again and all the best in the future!"

As you can tell from the photo above, it's a handsome craft. Andrew also documented his project with filmmaker Dylan Leeder, and the video does an excellent job of describing a first-time builder's pride of accomplishment. It also reveals the family history behind the name "Seadoggie" simply and sincerely. Thanks Andrew for sharing this, and congratulations again!

Watch the video:



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