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Bear Mountain Boats Mentioned in Popular Science Magazine

Posted on April 18 2014

Nick Offerman on Popular Science magazine May 2014

The May 2014 issue of Popular Science magazine features an interview with Parks & Recreation actor Nick Offerman who talks about the joy of building, and features a photo of the 18 foot-long canoe he built under the guidance of Bear Mountain Boats called "Lucky Boy".

He glued together roughly 100 planks of western red cedar, shaped and sanded the hull, and then sealed it with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. He trimmed the boat with seats and gunwales made of sapele mahogany and decks carved from walnut and ebony. Nothing compares to putting a canoe in the water for the first time, says Offerman, who grew up paddling in Illinois and Minnesota. “It feels as though you invented fire,” he says. “You realize that, with the proper hatches and sails, you can take a version of this and circumnavigate the globe.”

Nick Offerman's wood canoe, a Bear Mountain Boats design

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