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Builder Stories: Custom Design by Lauren Pacho & Reid Schaeffer

This isn't Lauren Pacho and Reid Schaeffer's first time on the Bear Mountain Blog - back in February 2018 they won a top spot in our Canoecraft on the Water Video Contest. It's great to see more beautiful work coming from their shop, and now they've one-upped themselves with a custom-designed canoe. Lauren writes:

"We launched boat #4 this weekend here in Albuquerque! Couldn’t have imagined that our original Bob’s Special would lead us here. Still using Canoecraft as reference along the way! We took a risk this time around and designed the boat ourselves. It is stapleless, hand-beveled instead of bead and cove, and even took a ride across time when it was 1/2 finished! We launched in our Bear Mountain Boats shirts, but of course forgot to take pictures... We were hoping for something that tracks well, but really it was mostly about the asthetics :) paddles like a dream!"

Custom-designed canoe by Lauren Pacho and Reid Schaeffer

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