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Builder Stories: Glen Campbell's Prospector

A hand screws a metal bulkhead cover into a canoe with red padauk decks

Decks are one of the key areas builders can use to personalize a canoe. Whether it's inlay work, book-matching, or simply an interesting wood choice, a well-chosen deck can make a canoe truly memorable. Glen Campbell's Prospector is a prime example - the colour pop provided by padauk helps his work stand out. Of course, custom bulkheads, careful strip patterning, and a distinctive trim take the whole project over the top. In Glen's words:

"The hull is red and yellow cedar with a walnut fine line feature, all from the west coast of Canada. Each strip was numbered as it was cut and used on alternating sides at the same location to colour match the hull. The bulkhead was also made from the same adjacent strip where possible to match around each end. The decks are made out of Padauk. I was wanting that dark red colour to really make it stand out. The Yoke and Thwarts are laminated ash and walnut. Gunnels are ash as well. The deck plates in the bulk head on each end were custom made by a local machinist friend here in Edmonton. All the water here is frozen now so I’m anxiously waiting for spring for it’s maiden voyage."

Overhead view of canoe yoke
Profile view of wooden Prospector canoe
Profile view of wooden Prospector canoe hull interior
Profile view of wooden Prospector canoe sitting upside down on sawhorses

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