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Builder Stories: Prospector 16 by Denise Lewis

Many builders put personalized or commemorative elements into their canoes, and Denise Lewis' Woodland Rose, a 16' Chestnut Prospector, is a prime example. Denise involved multiple artists working in multiple artforms to create a truly original piece. In her own words:

"Behold, the Woodland Rose! Bear Mountain’s 16ft Prospector. Built at Four Winds Boat Shop in Vermillion, SD. Maiden voyage on Lake Madison, SD.

"The decks are quite a collaboration and I’m so happy with them! They are maple. I designed them but the wood burning is done by Cara Jordan, a pyrographer in Peterborough, ON. I was going to drive them to her but then Covid happened and we had to do it all by mail. I inlaid the arrowheads as well as the purple medallion (by Spirit Pieces) in the center of the compass which contains some ashes of my beloved dog Blueberry who died in the middle of the project."

Check out the decks and other details below:

Closeup of Chestnut Prospector by Denise Lewis

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