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Canoecraft Video Series

Posted on May 26 2016

Canoecraft Video Series

Since last fall, we've made an effort to be more active on social media. It's been fun to share pictures, stories, events with the building community on Facebook and Instagram, and to stay in touch with customers who built boats in years past. The warmer weather has meant more people passing through the workshop, which inspired us to shoot some video and get active on YouTube, too. At our last class we recorded the building process from start to finish, and our friends Denis Gagne and Ron Frenette also appeared on camera to share some tips. We're still sorting through all the footage, but plan on releasing a short instructional video once a week.

What we're uploading won't replace Canoecraft or the Canoecraft Companion DVD, but we realized some would-be builders are a bit daunted by where to start. The new videos are designed to provide a quick visual introduction to the various stages of the building process, demystifying it for beginners, and hopefully offering old hands a few new tips along the way.

Here are a few videos from the latest series. If you want to see them as they're released, though, your best bet is to follow our Canoecraft channel on YouTube.

Many thanks to the workshop participants who appear in these videos! If you enjoy them or have a suggestion for future subjects, let us know in the comments.