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Canoecraft Workshop Series Available on YouTube

Canoecraft Workshop Series Available On Youtube


Back in May, we shot some footage at one of our building workshops. We hoped it would result in a few tips and tricks we could share that week on social media. Then the project grew, and we planned to get a handful of slightly longer how-to videos out of it. Nine months and thirty-three videos later, the complete Canoecraft Workshop Series is finally available on YouTube.

The Workshop Series won't replace our Canoecraft Companion Video with Nick Offerman. Instead, it's intended as an overview for beginners, and a chance for longtime builders to hear directly from Ted. If you need to get a sense of what a tricky stage of the process is meant to look like, you can jump in at any point for a 3-5 minute tutorial. If you're dreaming of your next build, you can get a quick fix of Ted's design philosophy and tool preferences while you're on lunch break.

The videos were shot during a hands-on canoe-building course, so the visual style is no-fuss and you'll occasionally hear the sounds of the workshop in the background. We hope you enjoy this resource as a practical guide, but please let us know if there's something you'd like to see covered in an upcoming video. We post regularly to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, so your ideas might show up online in the future.

Thanks for watching! You can view the Workshop Series via the embedded player below, or find the complete playlist on YouTube.


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