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Celebrating Canadian Canoe Culture with Goh Iromoto's "The Canoe"

Most paddlers would agree that canoeing lends itself to photography. Yet even in a crowded field, Goh Iromoto's films stand out as something special. His images have a richness that captures the meditative feel of a day on the water. His short documentary "The Canoe" may be his best work to date.

"The Canoe" tells the story of five paddling enthusiasts and how canoes connect them to history, the landscape, and their families. It's a premise that shows of the diversity of the field and makes the film feel fresh while remaining rooted in tradition. If you're looking to get excited about your next paddling adventure or building project, "The Canoe" is a brilliant place to start.

The film is being released for free as part of Ontario Tourism's Canadian Canoe Culture celebrations. Visit to see a list of related paddling events around the province. On social media, check out the hashtag #PADDLEON to see updates from the campaign.

The trailer to "The Canoe" is linked above. Once you've whet your appetite, watch the complete half-hour film here.

Celebrating Canadian Canoe Culture With Goh Iromotos The Canoe
Celebrating Canadian Canoe Culture With Goh Iromotos The Canoe