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Introducing the Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat

Two paddlers in a Dragonfly tandem dragon boat seen in profile

We’re excited to officially announce the debut of our latest project, the Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat. We drew on our experience with sprint racing canoes and partnered with Nova Craft Canoe and Steve Killing Yacht Design to produce a Canadian boat that isn’t like anything else on the market.
The Dragonfly reproduces the paddling stroke of a full-size dragon boat at a fraction of the scale, so a pair of paddlers can now practice their form without the need to assemble an entire twenty-two person team. Having consulted extensively with professional athletes, coaches, and industry experts, we’re confident that the Dragonfly is both a valuable assessment tool and a pleasure to paddle.

Benefits include:

  • Pedal-controlled rudder for responsive steering
  • Excellent stability
  • Standardized design for competitive class potential
  • Fits on a cartop; easy to transport and maintain 

To introduce the Dragonfly to the dragon boat community, we’ll be hosting demo sessions throughout the summer. Test paddles and exhibition races are scheduled at the following festivals:

We hope dragon boat clubs and recreational paddlers alike will embrace the Dragonfly’s potential. Feedback has been highly positive, with club paddlers remarking on how just how closely the new design captures the feel of dragon boat racing. 
If you’d like to help spread the word, please like and share our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram and help us reach more paddlers.
Click here to read more about the advantages and development process behind this design. Hope to see you at a festival this summer!

Two paddlers in a tandem dragon boat head towards the camera

Two paddlers in a tandem dragon boat


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