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Ted's Back Catalogue: Epoxyworks 1998-2013

Teds Back Catalogue: Epoxyworks 1998-2013

Ted is probably most widely known for his books, particularly Canoecraft. However, he's also contributed writing to a number of periodicals and trade publications, and his articles in Epoxyworks remain an excellent source of tips, stories, and project ideas. We often find ourselves answering a question in detail, only to realize that Ted has written about the subject at length before.

If you're a boating enthusiast, have a particularly tricky question you can't find an answer to, or just love reading everything you can get your hands on about this trade, you'll probably enjoy Epoxyworks. For instance, you can follow Ted's four-part series on the construction of our solar fantail launch Sparks, or get further advice on fibreglassing a woodstrip hull.

Below you'll find a link to Ted's archived articles, and from there you can navigate to the most recent issues and see what other makers are up to. The magazine is published by the Gougeon Brothers, makers of West System products, and remains an authoritative source on all things epoxy.

Read Ted's articles here.

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