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The Art of Paddle Carving Released for Free


Building your own canoe is a tremendous achievement. Why not take a victory lap with a paddle of your own making? Back in 1996 we released an instructional video on how to carve your own paddle, covering the basic stages of tool sharpening and wood selection through to varnishing. It's been available as a DVD ever since, but with the wealth of high definition content available online now it's starting to show its age.

However dated it seems visually, the content remains relevant to anyone who wants to complement their canoe with a handmade paddle. That's why we've decided to release it free on YouTube, so anyone interested can get Ted's advice without needing to order the physical copy. We hope this gives it a modest second life and encourages a few builders to try their hand at a related art form.

Check out the video in the embedded player above. If you're somewhere without a reliable Internet connection, the physical version is still available here.

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