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Why No Steel Inwale Fasteners?

Posted on September 21 2015

Why No Steel Inwale Fasteners

A customer wrote in last month to ask why our Hardware Package for Canoes doesn't include inwale fasteners. For anyone wondering why the fasteners are detailed in Canoecraft but not available on our site, we thought we'd offer a quick explanation.

Our standard hardware package includes one hundred 1"1/4" #8 Silicon Bronze flathead square drive wood screws, used to attach outwales. We custom order and sell this variety because they're hard to get and look particularly handsome on a canoe. 

However, for the inwale 3/4 by #5 are easy to get in stainless steel at almost any hardware store. Also, since in the US most people don't use square head screws like we do in Canada, we don't want to force anyone to buy all new drivers for such a common product.

To our international customers, we recommend looking for steel inwale screws at the hardware store. Hope this helps clear up any confusion - best of luck with your build!