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The Canoe


The Canoe
Edited by John Jennings
Published by Firefly Books

Produced by Firefly Books in collaboration with the Canadian Canoe Museum - THE CANOE is the definitive history of the construction and use of the canoe, kayak, dugout and umiak in North America. Twelve authors write about the craft they know best. Richly illustrated with archival maps, images, artwork and photographs of vintage canoes, THE CANOE presents a comprehensive history of a living tradition that continues to serve and delight the people who use it. Ted Moores contributed the chapter on the manufactured canoe called from Forest To Factory.

All authors contributed their time - the royalties from the book go to the Canoe Museum. If you purchase a copy you will have made a contribution to the canoe museum and you will own one of the most beautiful historical books about a Canadian icon - the canoe.


Beautifully produced and wonderfully illustrated.

- Garth Wilson Canadian Historical Review  on 01/12/2003

Trust me. ...The paddler who longs for a float on one of those warm autumn days would love to add this worthy volume to his or her library.

- Ed Struzik Edmonton Journal  on 22/12/2002

A lavishly illustrated work of scholarship ... essential reading for the canoe enthusiast, and excellent coffee-table material for the dabbling paddler.

- Doug Sweet Montreal Gazette  on 07/12/2002 

Plenty of info in the book to appeal to U.S. readers, including a section on paddling for pleasure in the American Northeast.

- Stuart Ferguson Wall Street Journal  on 06/12/2002

Beautiful ... informative without being pedantic... The book succeeds not only as a social history, but also as a business history about canoe manufacturing.

- Bruce Bailey National Post  on 30/11/2001

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