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Canoe Strips


All the strips measure 1/4" x 13/16"; all are clear Western Red Cedar, vertical grain, full length and milled so that the 8 strips from any one board are packaged together exactly as they lay in the original plank which allows for symmetrical patterns; variety of colours as available in our inventory.

The BASIC PACKAGE will build most of the canoes from plans available through Bear Mountain Boat Shop. If you are building the wider girth PROSPECTOR or NOMAD, you will need to purchase one extra bundle of 8 strips -these are listed as on option in the selection panel.

We have worked with the same production mill in British Columbia for many years. They select the boards we are after from many days of milling operations. After kiln drying, they are shipped direct to the company in the Toronto area which does the actual production of the strips.

When we receive these bundles of strips, we sort by length and colour and make up kits of 64 for shipment to our customers.

Other companies may sell bead and cove strips - we know we are the only company supplying the kind of quality your project deserves.......we take pride in supplying the best strips available anywhere.

*Shipping full length strips:

Description: strong cardboard tube is 18′ long x 8″ diameter – contents wrapped in plastic to protect against moisture – weight is 65 lbs.
Options for receiving a kit: can be picked up here in Peterborough or at Canadian Canoes in Mississauga – easily transported on vehicle roof racks.
Customs and brokerage fees- always in included in the shipping price.

Sample shipping cost (we always obtain a quote on each order and submit it to you for approval before shipping.)
US – $400 – $450.
Canada $250. – 3500.
Europe – airport to airport $550. (VAT may apply)

This item requires custom shipping due to length and will be charged separately​. We will provide a quote for your approval prior to shipping

Picture Description
1) Canoe strips in shipping tubes
2) Cedar billets before going to the molding machine
3) Molding machine which produces strips
4) Strip kit
5) Tight grain lines
6) Using the best planking makes your project more fun 

Find out more about the milling process in this short video:

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