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Epoxy Kit

Epoxy Kit

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The epoxy package we use includes premium quality West System® products because we know the system is reliable, as safe as possible and will do the best job in the shortest length of time. 

We strongly recommend using West® system epoxy - we know it is not the cheapest product we do know it out performs every other system on the market. At Bear Mountain we have used it for 35 years in a wide variety of applications. One reason why we recommend it is because the results are very predictable and for first time users this is a huge advantage. The Gougeon Brothers first developed the product for their own boat building projects in the early 1970's.  There is an excellent comparison of other brands in a study Ted conducted for his book Kayaks You Can Build. 

Our West System Epoxy Package for One canoe, kayak or small boat is complete and includes: 

  • 2 gal. 105B epoxy with special coatings hardener for a clear finish
  • metering pumps
  • Microlite fairing compound for attaching the kayak hull to deck
  • Microfiber for glueing the stems 
  • Glue brushes
  •  Squeegees

IF you are building more than 2 canoes it makes sense to purchase the C Pack size. The shelf life on the epoxy is at least two years. Once you start using epoxy resin around your workshop we know you will find many other applications for it. 

This item requires custom shipping due to weight. The freight will be calculated and charged separately pending your approval and prior to shipping.

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