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Cottage Cruiser 15/6


• Length 15'6.5"
• Maximum beam 35"
• Beam waterline 31.75"
• Bow height 20"
• Centre depth 13.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 337 lbs
• Wetted surface 22.85 sq.ft
• Weight to immerse 132 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.525
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs

The Canadian Canoe Company just north of Toronto spearheaded this project in 1997. They love traditional boats but wanted a midsize hull that had a little more capacity than the 15 footers.

This new design quite obviously borrows some of its heritage from the Prospector series but is graced with a little more tumblehome in the hull sides and less curvature in the sheer. We think it is even better looking that the boats you remember as a kid.

Don't let the cottage reference fool you, this boat is happy playing near the beach, on portages or off on a two week canoe trip. It planks up beautifully and will make you look like a professional.

Is this the right boat for you?

© Steve Killing Yacht Design 1999
Designed by Steve Killing for Ron Frenette, Canadian Canoes Ltd. 1997
Photo of customer built boat courtesy of Dawne Olson (1/2) Louis and Pauline Parent (3), Thomas Ulrich (4/5) 

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