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Oval BOW (Forward) Hatch Kit for Kayak


These items are CNC cut and are produced from sheets of 4mm Okoume marine grade plywood.

The two ovals are identical.

If you are following KayakCraft, it quickly becomes obvious that these are shaped very differently from those in the manual. These came about as a means of creating larger openings with easier access to getting gear into and out of the kayak.

Builders can choose to install either ONE or TWO hatches on their kayak. This item for sale refers ONLY to the smaller BOW HATCH. Look for the aft hatch rings in another listing.

The small inside flanges are there to allow for the installation of the swell nut lock down levers employed to seat the hatch cover against a gasket to keep the water on the outside of the craft. 

If you elect to use a different system to secure your hatches, the small flanges can be cut off or simply left in place.

The swell nut (expanding rubber sleeve does the swelling) levers are a simple way to secure the kayak hatches when under way.

THREE are required for the bow hatch and FOUR are required for the aft hatch.

These items are priced individually.

A supplementary instruction manual and a full sized template for the hatch opening is included.

Picture Descriptions
1) Aft hatch ring and bow hatch ring in pairs
2) Aft hatch ring installed under the deck
3) Aft hatch ring epoxied to hatch cover
4) Hatch ring and swell nut lock levers
5) Single swell nut lock lever down
6) Aft hatch with lock levers in open position

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