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Transom Kit for Rice Lake and Whitehall


There are transom kits for the RICE LAKE and Ontario WHITEHALL rowing boats.

The material can be mahogany, white oak, white ash or black cherry.

The kit will have 3 or 4 boards which have been planed both faces; the edges have been passed over a jointer. A plate joiner (also called a biscuit joiner) has cut matching slots in the edges to be connected.

We ship the boards and biscuits; the builder glues up the boards to make a panel. The actual transom shape is drawn on the panel then cut out and prepared for becoming part of that rowboat.

Picture Descriptions
1) Uninstalled transom kit
2) Rice Lake completed
3) White ash transom on a Whitehall
4) Mahogany transom on a Whitehall

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