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Coppermine Square Stern 17


A square-sterned version of the popular Nomad 17:

• Length 17'
• Maximum beam 35"
• Beam w/l 32.6"
• Beam gunnel 34.3"
• Bow height 25"
• Stern height 21"
• Centre Depth 14.5"
• Draft 4.5"
• Displacement 425 lbs.
• Wetted surface 30.5 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 143 lb/in
• Mom to trim 1270 in-lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.541

The Coppermine 17' Y-stern canoe was inspired by longtime friend, builder and paddler Peter Feindel. Peter had been using a Nomad 17 which he really liked, and did not want to stop canoeing just because his aging body and flagging energy were getting in the way. The Coppermine shares many of the qualities of the Nomad while offering canoeists like Peter a backup to traditional paddling.

The Nomad is similar to its workhorse cousin the Prospector but without the huge displacement, allowing for a simpler and easier to paddle canoe. In developing the Coppermine, Steve Killing maintained the underwater shape of the Nomad to retain its good paddling characteristics. Above the waterline, the widening of the gunnel aft permits the stern seat to move back allowing for a 9"-wide transom which will accept a small electric or gas powered motor.

The result is a stately canoe which can be paddled or motored with equal ease and which suits Ted’s eye. 

Thanks to Ron Frenette for pushing ahead with this new plan and to Peter for building the first one.

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