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Where and When Is the Makers Rendezvous?

*** the Presenter's Tent schedule is now available! Click here to download ***

Join us this fall for a celebration of craftspeople and makers of all stripes! The Makers Rendezvous kicks off in Westport, Ontario on September 14, 2019.

Saturday events begin at 8:30 and run until 5:00. After that the festivities move to Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery (see details below).

For those staying overnight, a picnic flotilla to Foley Mountain Beach will leave Westport Harbour at 10:00 AM Sunday. Those without boats can sign on as crew with other boats.

Main Location: 43 Bedford St., Westport, Ontario

Saturday: See Sparks, Ted Moores' Electric Fantail Launch / Sunday Paddle Location: Westport Harbour

Saturday Dinner Location: 82 Bedford St.


Who Will Attend?

Tinkerers, metalworkers, woodturners, paddlers, builders, designers, 3D printers, suppliers, artists, writers, schools, woodshop cooperatives, filmmakers, historians, musicians, programmers, hackers, conservationists, educators, publishers ‚ÄĒ everyone is welcome.

Support this event and our hardworking presenters by purchasing a Supporter ticket for $10, available here. The dinner on Saturday night will be hosted at a local winery and requires tickets, as do a few of the workshops. We hope you'll join us for a lively weekend. Reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Get inspired to get on the water or into the workshop.

Whether you're coming for a few drop-in workshops or the whole Rendezvous, just let us know you're coming by filling out the registration form.

Jimmy DiResta's wooden canoe build Process images by Joel Kimmel Students of QCHS Tech Shop

Interested in Presenting or Displaying Your Work?

We'd love to hear from from you, whether it's showcasing a personal project or representing your business at the Rendezvous.

Send your ideas to and let's make it happen!

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Celebrate with Us

We're capping off the day's events with dinner at Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery. This is a beautiful lakeside venue serving local food and in-house vintages. There will be a presentation by outdoor expert Kevin Callan and live music - the musically inclined might want to bring along an instrument for a campfire jam. An excellent opportunity to socialize and unwind after a day on the town.

The dinner is a ticketed event - book your spot now.

Support the Rendezvous

We want to make the Makers Rendezvous accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we're not charging an entry fee. There are a lot of associated costs with running a large event like this, however, so we very much appreciate the purchase of a Supporter ticket for $10, available here.

Thank you! Your generosity helps make this gathering possible. Are you a brand interested in sponsoring the Rendezvous? Email us at

Interested in Volunteering?

Would you like to get involved in helping to promote or run the Rendezvous? We're a small team and appreciate any help you can offer. Contact for details. 

Special Workshops

Some workshops have limited space and use specialized materials. You'll need to book in advance and pay an additional fee to get in on these classes:

Watercolour by Joyce Burkholder
Woodwork by Frank Berinstein
Canoe coffee table by Roger Foster

Event Schedule

The Presenter's Tent at 43 Bedford St. will feature a range of fascinating lectures and presentations. Plan your Rendezvous using the schedule below, or click here to download the handy poster version.

Saturday Events

8:30 AM




SHARPENING HOW-TO ‚ÄĘ how to sharpen anything, from knives to hand tools



Q&A ‚ÄĘ how to build a successful following on YouTube + other digital platforms



SPRAY VARNISHING DEMYSTIFIED ‚ÄĘ technique & equipment tips from an expert

12:00 PM


MINERS & SAPPERS ‚ÄĘ reflections on the workers who built the Rideau Canal



THE HAPPY CAMPER ‚ÄĘ stories from one of Canada's most popular outdoor authors






Q&A ‚ÄĘ how to build a successful following on YouTube + other digital platforms



EPOXY-BASED ARTWORK ‚ÄĘ techniques for artists working with epoxy resin



LOCAL FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT ‚ÄĘ Campfire mingle and meet with other makers

Sunday Events

 10:00 AM


Departure from Westport Harbour

Featured Presenters

We're excited to welcome prominent guests from the maker community and related industries. Some of the presenters who will be giving special talks and demonstrations include:

Ted Moores is an author, teacher, and partner at Bear Mountain Boats. Ted will be on board his stunning electric fantail launch in the Westport Harbour and happy to take people on short cruises. 

Jimmy DiResta is a New York state based, designer, artist and video producer.  Jimmy produced an instructional DVD with woodworker actor Nick Offerman on how to build a Bear Mountain canoe. Jimmy's easy-to-follow project demonstrations will inspire accomplished and aspiring Makers alike, and his Q&A on building a YouTube channel will explore how to use digital platforms creatively.

Kevin Callan - aka the Happy Camper, author and paddler, is renowned for making the outdoors fun - one misadventure at a time! He will give a presentation on cooking and trip planning and also entertain us during the Saturday night dinner at Schuermann Winery. 

Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan teach paddling skills, share canoeing advice, and continue the filmmaking tradition of iconic canoeist Bill Mason. They will be present on Saturday to discuss their approach to canoeing.

Lee Valley Tools has graciously sponsored the Makers Rendezvous, and representatives will be present to share expertise on topics from woodworking to hand tools.

Patrick Laperrière, AKA Le PicBois, has earned a large following online thanks to his inventive projects, engaging presentation, and winning sense of humour. As an official Lee Valley Tools rep, he will be at the Lee Valley tent on Saturday demonstrating simple, collaborative woodworking ideas.

Gougeon Brothers, Inc., makers of the West System epoxy recommended by Bear Mountain Boats, have decades of experience in boat building and repair. Their show booth will be hosted by experts who can knowledgeably discuss the wide-ranging uses epoxy.

Epifanes produces top-quality marine paints and varnishes.  We regularly use their varnish in the Bear Mountain workshop.  Gordon Laco will be available to discuss the nuances of marine coatings, including surface prep, painting techniques on fibreglass, wood and steel, as well maintenance tips that help make good finishes last longer.

Rick Nash has been building, restoring, and documenting the history of birchbark canoes for decades. His work has garnered international renown, and an example of his craft hangs in the Canadian History Hall at The Canadian Museum of History. Rick will be on hand to discuss the history of birchbark canoes as well as his personal process.

Joyce Burkholder is a talented wilderness artist from Barry's Bay, Ontario.  She will offer a 3-hour watercolour workshop designed for all levels of experience, even those who have never painted before. Registration required - click here for details.

Marty Schlosser is an avid woodworker, occasional writer for Canadian Woodworking, founder of the Kingston Woodworkers Association and past president of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association. His furniture is known for its bold, complex design and exceptional quality finishes. At the Rendezvous Marty will be offering a one-hour presentation on spray finishing, covering techniques, equipment, and more.

Nick Verbree is a lifelong wood and metal worker. After joining the military in 2001, he continued to learn and develop his skills, taking up blacksmithing in his spare time. Medically released from the Army after 14 years, Nick decided to follow his passion for making tools, and founded Old Soldier Toolworks. He will give a presentation on The Fundamentals of Steel for Woodworkers, covering basic types of steel and nomenclature, alloying elements, and the basics of heat treatment.

Meet the Makers

The full Rendezvous roster includes a wide range of specialists from numerous fields:

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA) is dedicated to preserving, studying, and building wooden and bark canoes. Members will be at the Rendezvous to display their craft and discuss the restoration, history, and upkeep of classic canoes.

Top Shelf Distillers is a Perth-based craft distillery specializing in spirits made with high-quality local ingredients. They will be standing by to discuss their process and the history of distillation in the region. Ask them about bitters and cocktail recommendations!

The Kingston Woodturners are dedicated to the art of woodturning, and welcome newcomers and experts alike to their regular meetings. They will be happy to talk shop, share advice, and offer lathe demonstrations.

MT Knives is the project of Patrick Roehrman, a knifemaker known for designing and making top-quality practical knives. At the Rendezvous he will teach a true maker’s skill, the basics of how to sharpen anything. His  will cover sharpening tools like knives, hand tools, and yard tools, elaborating on his "beyond razor sharp" method.

Gary Pattenden is a passionate teacher and craftsman. He has built over 285 guitars and basses since starting his guitar-building program in 1998. Gary will have on display student-built guitars and will discuss the sequential processes involved with building a guitar or bass successfully. 

Frank Berinstein is a veteran woodturner who often enhances his turned objects with burnt, painted, or carved embellishments. An Argentinian ex-pat, Frank has travelled widely and explored numerous different disciplines, including boat building, furniture design, architecture, and graphic design.

Curae Inc. is the collective name for the creative duo of Robin Saunders and Grace Sylvester. The pair specialize in highly detailed, geographically accurate maps that combine the arts of cartography and woodworking. At the Rendezvous they will share tips and techniques for artists working with epoxy resin.

Andrew Szeto is a gifted workworker who documents his work in beautifully shot and edited short videos. His restless creativity has produced baseball bats, canoe paddles, a tambour table and more from recycled skateboard wood. He may also be persuaded to give an impromptu skateboard demonstration.

Gary Baker is a licensed machinist, industrial designer, and electronics tech. Through his career he has designed and built a wide range of custom products and specialized machinery. Gary is now focusing on creating the Oasis Orb to provide a space where people can re-connect with nature and themselves, and will bring an example Orb to the Rendezvous.

Alice Hinther is a self-taught multi-media artist who creates funny, whimsical and sometimes downright rude greeting cards using old images from the 1940s and 1950s, as well as images from her own family photo albums. Alice will demonstrate her process as well as display a selection of finished collages.

Isidora Spielmann is a versatile textile artist known for her striking designer clothes and accessories. She frequently reuses and repurposes materials in her work, and teaches the skills to repair and renew fabrics out of her Wesport storefront. Drop by her booth for advice on how to spin, embroider, sew, knit, crochet, felt, braid, and more.

Delvalle DaSilva-Lewis integrates her memories and impressions of the aboriginal culture of her Venezuelan village childhood with contemporary techniques and interpretations, combining practical craft skills and artistic inspiration. As an established artist, teacher, and entrepreneur, Delvalle is now exploring the sculptural aspects of her work and its universal connections, as well as the interplay with colour in her functional work. 

Ron and Pat Frenette of Canadian Canoes have been helping people build their own canoes for 40 years. They will bring their 26 ft Voyageur canoe for paddling excursions. This canoe has been on many canoe trips including one from Milan to Venice. a few years ago. Pat and Ron will set up their typical canoe camp with a very fancy wanigan and also teach a class on how to cane your own canoe seat. Registration required. 

The Q.C. Tech Shop has produced seven canoes to date. Now students from Quinte Christian High School, under the guidance of instructor Paul French, have expanded their repertoire with a thorough restoration of a vintage Farmall tractor. Representatives from the school's innovative program will be on hand to display and discuss their work.

Wintergreen Studios is a year-round, off-grid wilderness retreat centre in South Frontenac, Ontario. Wintergreen provides retreat and meeting facilities for individual and groups, and offer programming in the arts and environmental education. They aim to inspire others to live more simply, mindfully, and sustainably, and will be present at the Rendezvous to discuss their offerings as well as display a recent art installation.

Denise Jordan of Muskoka Kitchen Paddles makes creative use of extra wood from the Connell Boatworks workshop, turning out beautiful cherry kitchen implements with a canoe-themed twist.

Teagan McKay and family are veterans of Ottawa's Maker Faire, and are bringing their innovative 3D-printed game, Twister Tower, to the Rendezvous.

Alastair Dempster of Dempster Boats will offer drop-in style short presentations on the ins and outs of build a stand-up paddleboard.

Brent Kirkham of Kirks Canoes in Perth, Ontario will demonstrate installing exotic inlays on canoes, canoe decks and paddles. 

Headwaters Canoes will display a mold and demonstrate steam bending ribs for cedar canvas canoes. Featuring Hugh Stewart, Jamie Bartle, and Kate Prince.

Roger Foster of Carlisle Canoes will lead a presentation on how to build a coffee table canoe. Click here to register.

Walt Sepic will show several canoes of differing materials and discuss typical damage, challenges of repair, problems to watch out for, suggestions for repair, and materials and techniques used. He'll also offer an introduction to harmonica playing for the musically inclined.

The Better Together Circle is part of a caring community who want to learn, discuss and grow together. They work with Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to plan community events focused on reconciliation, sustainability, environmental issues, and climate change. To help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the lakes, oceans and dumps they are bringing their "Make and Take" initiative to the Rendezvous, where participants can make a reusable produce bag from recycled material.

Dave Connell of Connell Boatworks has been building and repairing wooden canoes and small boats for over 30 years. Specializing in canvas covered canoes, he has also built canoes and rowboats using the woodstrip/epoxy method. His handmade canoes will be on display at the Rendezvous.

Jack Lapointe of Westport Canoe will share his extensive knowledge of wood and canvas canoe building and restoration.

Alan Ridgway built his first canoe in 1980, and after retiring from education rekindled his love of woodworking. For Al, the combinations of materials for canoe trim, seats and decks provide an exciting medium for creative possibility. He has embellished his recent Bob's Special canoe with copper inlay, adding a unique flair to his already impressive watercarft.

Mike and Fran Edney believe in good eating even when they're out in the bush. They'll give regular demonstrations on how to plan and cook meals for an extended canoe trip.

Paul Thorp is the Westport-based woodworker who supplied our Rendezvous Supporter Badges. Paul will host a booth to showcase his artistic wood projects.

Randy Pfeifer maintains the Bear Mountain Boats Builder's Forum, and in his own workshop experiments with innovative projects such as carbon fibre/kevlar composite canoes and hollow-shaft paddles. Randy will bring examples of his work and discuss building composite canoes at a home builder's scale.

Chris Guydis is a Belizean canoe builder and occasional helper in the Bear Mountain Boats workshop. Chris will discuss the design of the unique three-person canoes used to paddle La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, a challenging four-day canoe race and Belize's biggest sporting event.

Kim Pressnail will teach the skills to carve a cherry paddle.

Perry Moss is a lifelong woodworker, and his expertise ranges from hands-on projects like furniture making to large-scale architectural detailing. recently completed a beautiful Prospector canoe, and will run a booth detailing his building process.

Geoffrey Burke is a New Hampshire-based builder who has taught at Wooden Boat School. He will be bringing a recently restored 130-year-old 13' lapstrake double paddle canoe for display.

Roman Taras discovered his passion for woodworking in Algonquin College’s heritage carpentry and joinery program. His furniture making work led him to a deep appreciation for the subtle and significant innovations that set apart the Hal Taylor rocking chair design, a subject he will cover in detail at the Rendezvous.

Don Gaudier will bring his passion for and expertise on the Unlimited Hydroplane racing boat era to the Rendezvous, illustrating key points in the sport's history with a pictorial display.

ÔĽŅJames Jake HunterÔĽŅ has worked with leather for more than 35 years, practicing techniques from full carving to stamped names and images. He will bring a selection of leather goods for display.

John Summers, author and canoe historian, will display and demonstrate his 1937 Old Town canoe with its authentic 1937 sailing rig.

Dennis Osmond will present a slideshow about the miners and sappers who constructed the Rideau Canal. He may also be persuaded to present the story of building a canoe with three generations of his family. 

Where Can You Stay?

Scenic Westport is the perfect place to spend a fall weekend. To help you find accommodations in the area, we've put together a list of recommendations to suit a variety of budgets.

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Westport Harbour in fall

Westport in the morning