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Gunwales for Canoes (supplied full length for all designs)


4 piece gunwale set - inners ( 3/4" x 7/8" x length) and outers (5/8" x 7/8" x length).

Clear, straight grain, white ash, air dried 

We supply air dried wood because it is easier to bend successfully. Our customers seldom have a problem installing gunwales because we supply air dried wood. 

But, some canoes with large upswept ends (Redbird-Champlain-Huron Cruiser-Canadienne) MUST have a bending jig made and the gunwales steamed and bent over the jig and left for 4-5 days.

Without the pre bending on these models, there is a considerable risk that the ash will fail. Plus, it is so much easier to install pre bent gunwales.

Option: Ron will cut the scuppers for your inwales - additional cost $45. Please specify model of canoe. 

This item requires custom shipping due to length. The freight will be calculated and charged separately pending your approval and prior to shipping.

Picture Descriptions
1) Gunwales being installed
2) Clear - 16-20 feet air dried
3) Inner gunwales with scuppers
4) Gunwales on finished Prospector

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