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Prospector Ranger 15


A pocket-sized Prospector:

• Length 15'
• Maximum beam 35.2"
• Beam waterline 33.72"
• Beam gunnel 33.5"
• Bow height 22"
• Centre depth 13.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 375 lbs
• Wetted surface 26.8 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 132 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.550
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs
• Keel-less or shoe keel

The Prospector models built by the Chestnut Canoe Company were made in lengths from 12 to 18 ft. filling a need for a canoe with greater carrying capacity than the Pleasure and Cruiser models but not as large as the Freight canoes.

This model, the 15' 'Ranger' is a sweet shape, and Ron Frenette of Canadian Canoes decided we should have it in our catalogue. It has the same end shape and highly rockered hull of our 16' Prospector. With a flattened shallow arch bottom and full ends, the Ranger is stable, strong and a good load carrier. If you are looking for a canoe in the fifteen foot range with some history and good all round paddling characteristics, this might be the one you are looking for.

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© Steve Killing Yacht Design Inc. 1997
Lines taken and drawn by Steve Killing for Ron Frenette, Canadian Canoes Ltd.

Photos courtesy of John Herd (1), Clayton Plunkett (2), Alan Bambina (3/4), Ronald Beekman (5)

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